Grimmy Confirms His Sexuality With Frank Ocean Crush Confession

Posted by Steve on Sun 19 Aug 2012 at 00:52

Nick Grimshaw, the next host of the Radio 1 breakfast show, has confirmed he's gay for the first time in an interview with The Guardian.

The DJ, who currently presents a late night show on the station, has been the subject of speculation by fans wondering about his sexuality.

When asked about his preferences by The Guardian's Alexis Petridis, Grimmy was happy to confirm that he's gay and said that he would love to date US singer Frank Ocean.

Nick said: “I’d really like to go out with Frank Ocean, I think he might be whiny, though. Like, why have you not called me?"

"He might be a bit wet. I think I’m just forcing that Frank thing…as soon as I decide, I talk myself out of it!."

Frank Ocean has also recently come out, in July he posted about his first love on Tumblr, recounting the unrequited feelings he had for another man when he was 19.

Chris Moyles, who holds the record of the longest running host of the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show host, steps down from the prestigious role to make room for Nick from September 24th.

Posted by Steve
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