Kylie Minogue 'Anti-Tour' Opening Night Video

Posted by David on Mon 19 Mar 2012 at 18:54

Kylie Minogue has revealed video footage from her ‘Anti-Tour’.

The teaser is taken from the opening night of her 25th anniversary tour showcasing a collection of 22 b-sides, demos and rare material.

The shows (which sold out in 15 minutes) have been described by the ‘All The Lovers’ singer as a “Unique Experience”.

The show’s set list includes songs 'Made In Heaven', 'Cherry Bomb', 'Always Find The Time' and 'You're The One'.

Check out a video from Kylie Minogue’s ‘Anti-Tour’ below…

Posted by David
David IconAn Adam Levine loving, Cheryl Cole enthusiast from Manchester. It's all about the dirty pop #dealwithit. If this was The Social Network, David would be Edwardo Saverin.


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