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Posted by Chris Kilby on Fri 20 Jul 2012 at 09:10

Tim Casson

PlayingOut caught up with Tim Casson and his unique record-breaking dance project 'The Dance WE Made'.

The Dance We Made is a unique interactive pop-up dance event happening across London as part of Big Dance 2012. At landmarks across the capital, members of the public have been asked to choreograph their own short dance routine for professional dancer Tim Casson. Each day these dances are pulled together into a single routine and shared online. We caught up with the lovely and extremely talented Tim to learn more about his project and try our hand at making some moves.

It takes a brave man to walk up to Londoners during their lunch break and ask them for a dance, and Tim admits that it hasn’t always been easy to get willing volunteers. It is surprising, however, how quickly people get into their role though once they are brave enough to stop and chat. Tim himself has a lot to do with that, instantly putting people at ease. A few general questions and all of a sudden he has interpreted your favourite movie, an emotion, a hobby or your favourite sport into dance routine.

Tim was inspired to start the project after hearing about a musician who had challenged himself to create a new piece of music every day for a year. Through this project Tim has looked to explore the endless possibilities of dance in a similar way, utilising the untapped creativity of the general public.

Once the project started, he also found out he could be setting records. The Dance WE Made is on the hunt for 150 people during its 20 days to set a Guinness World Record for the most people to choreograph a dance. We jumped at the chance to help him out as participant numbr 116. You can check out our contribution at Leadenhall Market below.

The Dance WE Made - Day 17 - Leadenhall Market from The Dance WE Made on Vimeo.

Through his project Tim has proven that dance can be for everyone, and has hopefully brought dance to a few new people! 

Image Source: Siegfried Ip / The Dance WE Made

Posted by Chris Kilby
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